Madrid Cream - 3 Piece

  • Madrid Cream - 3 Piece
  • Madrid Cream - 3 Piece
  • Madrid Cream - 3 Piece

Madrid Cream - 3 Piece


Madrid Cream - is stylish yet subtle, this 3 Piece is ideal for any man who wants to look quietly confident. Double button fastening and double breasted waistcoat gives the perfect canvas for a smart everyday look, or you can dress it up for a big occasion.

Jacket Fit Modern Tailored 

Modern Tailored fit is cut slimmer than normal tailored. Form-fitting but not as restrictive as slim fit. 

Waistcoat Fit Modern Tailored 

Fitted to the body without feeling restrictive. 

Trouser Fit Tapered 

Form-fitting that narrows towards the ankle. Designed with a finished hem that you can take up or down to the perfect length. 


What’s Included

3 Piece Suit includes:

Jacket, Waistcoat & Trousers


Cream Thatched Material

Mink waistcoat back.

Material Weight

Dry clean only.

Polyester 63% Rayon 34% Spandex 3%

Medium Weight, perfect for any time of year.


Double button fastening jacket.

Double breasted waistcoat.

Cinch to tighten the waistcoat. 


True to fit - Ideal for all shapes & sizes

Between trouser sizes? Go a waist size up.


6FT1 42" Chest / 36" Waist